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Misfit Shapes

Misfit Shapes is a surfboard and apparel brand from Sydney's Northern Beaches lead by head shaper Dave Howell and a group of extremely creative crew that go by the name Mad Minds. Misfit Shapes have a huge range of surfboard models that cover everything from hybrid small wave boards like the Dope Machine to elite high performance sleds like the Proform. The brand is best known for its eccentric artwork and creative flare that makes it stand out amongst others.

Check out the range of Misfit Surfboards below. For team riders and more info hit the profile button below.

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BRAND / Misfit Shapes PROFILE

Misfit Shapes

Team Riders & Ambassadors: Otis Carey, Jake Vincent, Jaleesa Vincent, Asher Wales, Fraser Dovell, Nick Riley, Jack Irvine, Lachie Rombouts, George Henderson, Judd Brown, Lyndsey Noyes, Gareth Budge, Cam Stynes, Harry Musgrove, Chris Hill, Tom Salvesen, Robbie France

Trained With: Col Ladhams

Dave Howell the man behind Misfit Shapes started out shaping with Col Ladhams, fine-tuning and finishing a range of leading surfboard brands, including Lost and Webber Surfboards. After doing his time and learning the ropes, Dave followed his passion and set out to bring something new to the surfboard industry. Soon after, Misfit Surfboards was born on the northern beaches of Sydney following his mission to go against the grain, offering fine tuned performance crafts for the individual. Check out surfers like Otis Carey shredding on the Misfit Diamond Dancer 2. See their innovative performance shapes like the new barrel friendly single fin Misfit Nu Wavr and the progressive twinny Misfit Beach Metall. With a selection of popular all round performance models like the Misfit Truffle Shuffle and the Magic Mule there is a large selection of performance shapes to meet all your surfing needs. The popular small wave machine the Misfit Sinister Kid is perfect for small or weak waves and the Misfit Fang designed as a hybrid concept to perform in 4 to 8 ft waves for deep barrel riding and extra response in the pocket.

Apart from their leading shapes, Misfit offers an evolving range of eclectic artworks that go hand in hand with the Misfit brand. In house artists like Rad Dan Watkins & Jack Irvine constantly bring out fresh new sprays and seasonal art, a perfect match for the brand and a crew of individuals offering something you can’t find elsewhere. If you’re a surfer looking to step outside the box and get on a fine tuned board with a story, check out the fine craft by Misfit Shapes.