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Surfboard Fin Box

The surfboard fin box has become an integral part of surfboards in today's world. Having a fin box in your surfboard allows you to interchange your Surfboard Fins to suit the conditions or the way you want to surf. Surfboard fin boxes can come with either Longboards and Single Fin Surfboards, High Performance Shortboards, as well as Fish Surfboards. Available for all surfboards and popular fin brands like FCS, Futures Fins and Shapers Fins, etc.

Not only do fin boxes allow you to change and experiment with your fins, but they also make traveling on your Surfing Vacations safer and easier. With fin boxes in your surfboard, you can take your fins out when packing boards into your Surfboard Bags, allowing you to not only protect your boards from damage, but also cram more boards in one bag helping to manage your surfboard baggage size.

Dual Tab Fin System

Single Tab Fin System