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Single Fin Surfboards

Single Fin Surfboards are the traditional and original type of surfboard. Single fins, predominantly rode in Longboards and Mid Length Boards are still highly popular as the larger fin provides excellent drive in small conditions but the right surfer can surf them in almost anything. Demonstrated by legends such as Gerry Lopez, Mark Richards and Michael Peterson who surfed these boards in waves of consequence during the '70s.

See our leading shapers below who offer a fine selection of retro-inspired Single Fins. From Performance Single Fins to Retro Replica Single Fins. The single fin surfboard is an iconic shape in surfing history. From surfers like the famous Mr. Pipeline Gerry Lopez to the legendary Michael MP Peterson the Single Fin is still a popular choice for surfers looking for some variation in their quiver. Why not run some smooth lines when the waves start peeling and find your soul again in surfing with a one of a kind Single Fin Surfboard, custom made for you from one of our leading surfboard shapers on

Popular Single Fin Surfboards:

  • The Repeater by Panda Surfboards
  • The Retro Bay by Emery Surfboards
  • 66 Hull by Joel Fitzgerald

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