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Five Fin Surfboards

Five Fin Surfboards are becoming more and more common in the world of surfboards. Having a five fin board, otherwise known as a five fin convertible gives you the option to surf your board as a quad fin (4 fins) or as a thruster (3 fin).

This opens up a whole new world of what your surfboard can do or perform like. Surf it as a thruster when the waves are higher performance and allow for lots of turns, or surf it as a quad when you need that extra down the line speed on hollow or really fast days. Either way, it make a big difference when you order your next board with a five fin set up to make it that much more versatile. You can easily shop for five fin layouts in our wide range of fins including popular brands Futures and FCS.

Going with the 5 fin surfboard set up allows you to experiment with an endless amount of fin combinations. Combine your ideas with a custom surfboard from some of the best Surfboard Shapers in Australia and score the perfect board for your skills and needs.

Popular 5-Fin Surfboards

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