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Surf Coaching

Improve your surfing with high performance surf coaching. Learning to surf with friends and by yourself can be a heap of fun, but can also mean you develop some bad habits. By getting some a performance surf coach to critique your surfing, you can define the areas that need help and develop a strategy to improve your surfing technique. Better style will lead to better surfing and it's important to get a trained outside perspective.

Improving your surfing is the best way to maximize your wave count and enjoy your time in the ocean more. Shapers like Clayton Surf offer a comprehensive and in-depth method of surf coaching that will help you take you to the next level. Using devices that employ real-time feedback when you're on waves and a thorough and comprehensive surfing theory session complete with easy to understand practical tips, Clayton Surf can help you reach the next level.

Don't forget to also check out our surf schools to find the best place to learn to surf around Australia.

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