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Finless Surfboards

Finless surfboards are having a second coming with plenty of people opting for a fun, soft board option that you can take out and still do things on. With boards without fins on the rise, popular Californian brand Catch Surf are producing some fun, ripping Beater Board designs. With options to either surf the boards with fins in the pro models, or without them in the Beater Original models, you can have endless fun on these ridiculous boards.

Check out the range of colours in the Catch Surf collection and grab a surfboard without fins today! The guys at Catch Surf have long been working on the design of the popular Beater Boards and have enlisted the help of some big names like Johnny Redmond, Kalani Robb and Jamie O'Brien to test and perfect these softboard options.

Make sure you check out for all the Beater Board finless board options going around!

Finless Soft Boards

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