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EPS Surfboard Foam

EPS Surfboard Foam is a lighter, slightly more buoyant option that can feel lively in the right conditions. For years, PU foam was the staple medium for surfboard shapers around as it was easier to work with and lighter in weight compared to the next best thing at the time which was balsa wood surfboards. EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) had been toyed around with by a few select shapers, but it didn't really take off until the closure of the largest Polyurethane foam manufacturer (Clark Foam) in 2005.

Today, more and more surfboard brands offer models in both Polyurethane and EPS, with some even moving to 100% EPS foam. You can even find some blending of the two like in the Epoxicore construction from DHD Surfboards.

Find out whether PU or Epoxy is Best, and which surfboard construction type is best.

A few brands that are using interesting constructions include:

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