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SUPERbrand Surfboards was founded with team riders Clay Marzo and Ry Craike, who joined the shaper collective of Adam Fletcher, Brian Brown and Mikel Agote from the desire to create something fresh in surfboard design. Superbrand Surfboards draws influence from skateboarding with their unique inlayed graphics which is constantly updated year after year.

Popular models include small wave performer Superbrand Tazer, Superbrand Spam, Superbrand El Slammo and the throwback Siamese Twin fin.

If you're looking for modern high performance craft that have been tried and tested by some of the best surfers in the world, check out the range of Superbrand Surfboards below. For team riders and more info hit the profile button below!
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BRAND / Superbrand PROFILE
SUPERbrand Surfboards team riders & Ambassadors:
Clay Marzo, Ry Craike, Nick Vasicek, The Hazza Twins, Paul Fisher

The SUPERBRAND SHAPERS COLLECTIVE Combines surfboard shapers from around the world to form a collaboration called the Shapers Collective. This group of individuals working together to refine and advance the performance of the SUPERbrand Surfboard collection allows customers and their all star team to get surfboards manufactured for waves across the globe. SUPERbrand have a large selection of surfboard models to meet every surfers needs. Popular small wave performance models are the The Spam and the Siamese Twin fin. Performance models include the Magic Mix and the trusty Madcat for when the surf turns on. This collaboration of shapers has allowed SUPERbrand Surfboards to combine the knowledge and experience of the entire group and put it towards manufacturing the best surfboards for their customers and the SUPERbrand team. Super Surfboards and their collaboration of experienced shapers from around the world work together to develop premium quality surfboards. Driven by innovation with creative influences from skateboarding and design, SUPERbrand has established itself with plenty surfers worldwide.