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Use the Board Engine to get recommended surfboard models to compare and customise surfboards direct with Australia’s leading shapers. Surfboards are unique to each individual; similar to golf clubs, each person needs the right size and styled clubs to get the best performance. Custom shaped surfboards help improve your surfing because they are made for your surfing needs. Having the wrong surfboard that isn’t suited to your physical attributes, surfing style and skill level effects your ability to catch waves and perform manoeuvres on the wave.

Why waste your time with a surfboard that doesn’t have enough float (volume), reducing your wave count, making it harder to paddle, slow and sluggish? This effects your ability to generate speed, turn and simply have a good time. Many surfers don’t realise the difference a slight adjustment in the thickness of a surfboard can make to the overall board performance. can help you find and customise the right surfboards for you individual needs. So don’t waste the waves you catch, be prepared and surf better with Use the patent pending Board Engine to find custom surfboard designs and calculate your ideal volume to get you on that perfect surfboard.

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