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To search for Cheap Surfboards you can use our Board Engine (above) to find your perfect surfboard volume and a get a list recommended boards for you. Compare prices and full details of each surfboard model to find the cheapest surfboard.

Boardcave is the leading online surf shop and the best place to avoid buying a poor quality surfboard. Boardcave works with the world's most elite surfboard brands and specialises in the highest quality products. We want to help you find the right surfboard to help you catch more waves, learn new moves faster and generally result in a better surfing experience. Buying cheap, imported surfboards off the rack on impulse to save money can be a bad decision if you are serious about surfing. If you are new to surfing, our range of beginner surfboards will get you in the water with a quality, durable board.

Connect with our leading shapers to order your next surfboard on Boardcave today. Chat with one of our experts or use the Board Engine to find your perfect surfboard from the worldโ€™s leading surfboard shapers.

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Soft Surfboards

Soft Top Surfboards are a great cheap alternative to get you out in the water, especially if you're a beginner. The extra thickness and volume provides added stability while the soft construction makes them more durable against general wear and tear.

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