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Surfboard Racks

Do you need surfboard racks to simply hold your everyday quiver or show off your prized possessions? We have you covered with the range of Surfboard Racks from popular Australian brands like Ghost Racks and Formatt.

Ghost Racks come with brackets included to ensure safe, strong, versatile and secure mounting. Rotation of boards is made easy by adjustable brackets so you can swap and change boards on display!

Formatt board racks feature an innovative interlocking assembly that does not require screws, tools, or studs and are perfect for indoor or outdoor covered use. The popular Q8 Freestanding Rack can hold up to 8 surfboards and is available in two colours.

Whether you're after a vertical surfboard rack, perfect for portrait board mounting, a Horizontal surfboard rack, which gives you plenty of display options and can be mounted on any surface, or a free-standing surfboard rack, which have an acrylic base, bracket to slot the fins and extendable rail arms, you'll be sure to find something that showcases your board in style. The new Ceiling Display Racks and Corner Mount Wall Racks are the perfect solution for those with limited wall space.

If you're in search of racks to help transport your surfboard(s), then we have a range of soft racks that can go on any car, soft pads like RYD Travel Soft Racks to go on existing roof racks to offer more protection including necessary straps and tie downs to secure them while in motion. Save the hassle of driving and cycle to the beach, transporting your board with the selection of bike racks from Moved by Bikes, for both shortboards, longboards and sups.

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