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Surfboards for Young Shredders

Grom Surfboards are a perfect way for smaller surfers to get a performance board to help increase their surfing abilities and really rip in some decent waves. With a number of Surfboard Shapers producing smaller boards for grom surfers, it is becoming easier and easier for groms to really rip.

With a number of brands like Pyzel Surfboards, Chilli Surfboards and SUPERbrand making grom boards, there's no reason why smaller surfers can't find a perfect performance board to suit their abilities.

Pyzel's Grom range includes the Pyzel Super Grom, the Ghost Grom and the Gromlin. Chilli Surfboards have the Grom Plus available. And finally the SUPERbrand team have a smaller guy surfboard with their Toy X Jr., which is available to customise and buy online.

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