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Fresh Soft Top - 7’0


The Fresh Soft Top 7'0 by RYD is the perfect board for surf schools or anyone trying to get their first taste of surfing. These extra durable boards have a lightweight triple stringer Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) core with its nose and tail areas reinforced by EVA bumpers.

Designed with surfing schools in mind, the board’s deck has lines to teach beginners proper stance. It also has bevelled nose handles for easy tow backs. A GoPro mount is another nifty feature that gives you the option of capturing the surfing experience.

Dimensions: 7'0 x 22.5" x 2 5/8" / 60L

  • Lightweight (EPS Core)
  • Fiberglass design
  • EVA bumpers (nose and tail)
  • Quick response
  • Rigid-flex
  • Bevelled handles on the nose
  • GoPro Mount

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