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Simon Anderson

Heritage Series Thruster - Double Flyer Round Square Tail

The Heritage Series Thrusters are based on boards Simon Anderson shaped and surfed in 1981 - 83. This model in particular is based off the board Simon surfed in the 1981 Bells Nationals. It features double flyer rounded square tail and is considered the small wave option within the range. These boards are true to the original design elements including yers, beak nose, vee bottom, low smooth rocker and atter deck with chunkier low soft rails. Simon has added some modern elements to the shapes to slightly improve their performance. These boards are meant to be surfed. All boards are a sanded finish with n systems, either FCSII or Futures and feature a small original 3 circle logo and period panel spray with various colour fades.

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1-3 ft
Wave Height
4 / 5
Paddle Power
5 / 5
4 / 5

Rocker Info
Low smooth rocker
Rail Info
Chunky low soft rails
Concave Info
Vee Bottom
from $995
Length: -Not selected-
Tail shape: -Not selected-
Construction: -Not selected-
Glassing: -Not selected-
Fin layout: -Not selected-
Fin system: -Not selected-
Brand Simon Anderson
Extras: None
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