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X Core Reactor

What is X Core Reactor?

X Core Reactor is a construction type that utilises an EPS foam core combined with two carbon fibre stringers to strengthen the board and provide speed and drive.

Developed and patented by Sculpt Surfboards head shaper Nick Miles, X-Core Reactor Technology builds on surfboard design and works with flex properties to create a construction that is both performance-based and durable.

The X Core Reactor construction is the latest in progressive surfboard technology. With its unique arching uni-directional carbon fibre stringers the x-core reactor provides optimal flex in both nose and tail which creates speed and drive while maintaining the boardโ€™s strength and integrity underfoot. The premium grade EPS foam core is cut using the patented arching formula and laminated back together with the choice of high or low mesh military grade carbon fibre. With a range of premium EPS densities X-core caters to all surfers.

Ultra Flare has the most flex and is design for small grommies and lightweight female surfers. medium low density offers less pressure to be exerted on the blank for more flexible capability of the foam.

Ultra Light is great for a full range of surfers. From smaller lightweight shortboards to your bigger groveller and semi fish surfboards.

Ultra carve is lively and great for shortboards pushes through chop and carves through the water on turns.

Simon Anderson Surfboards available with X Core Reactor Construction

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