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Buy your next Custom Made Surfboard on, connecting directly with Australian Surfboard Manufacturers, producing the highest quality Handmade Surfboards in Australia. The range of surfboards include Performance Short Boards, Retro Fishes, Twin Fins, Single Fins, Funboards and Longboards for sale.

See ClearWater Surfboards for quality Australian made Longboards (SCS Malibu, Malibu) and Hybrid Shortboards (D Fish, Fun Shape) for the surfer wanting more volume in their surfboard, an easier paddle or for the larger, older surfer.

If you want to Buy a High Performance Shortboard than Darren Handley from DHD Surfboards is your man! His range of high performance shortboards are constantly being refined and tested by his team riders Mick Fanning, Steph Gilmore, Mitch Coleborn, Adriano De Souza and Kieren Perrow.

Looking to Buy a Retro Funboard, but still want performance! Daniel Macdonald from DMS Surfboards has been shaping the ultimate performance Funboards (Zephyr, Valium, Crumpet)

Want to stand out in the lineup? Dave Howell from Misfit Surfboards is producing amazing Surfboard Art, with alternative Surfboard Designs, making your New Surfboard one of a kind!

All surfboards sold come with a Shipping Guarantee to ensure that your surfboard will arrive at your doorstep, in mint condition.

SURFBOARD RECOMMENDATION SYSTEM: Use our Patent Pending Board Engine to find the perfect surfboard model and size for your surfing needs. Then customise and order your surfboard directly with our leading shapers on

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