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Quick Humps Wax

Sex Wax

Sex Wax is one of the most trusted wax brands on the market by both professional and recreational surfers around the world. There is nothing worse than having a slippery board while surfing. Make sure to always have a block of wax with all your surf gear.

Temperature Guide:

  • Purple - Cold to Cool (48°F to 68°F / 9°C to 20°C)
  • Green - Cool to Mid Warm (58°F to 74°F /14°C to 23°C)
  • Orange - Mid Cool to Warm (64°F to 78°F / 18°C to 26°C)
  • Red - Warm to Mid Tropic (70°F to 84°F / 21°C to 29°C)
  • Blue - Tropic (78°F / 26°C & ABOVE)

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