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1-DA Surfboards

Born out of the pure passion of designing and creating surfboards as a "ghost shaper" for some of the world’s best brands and surfers, 1-DA Shapes founder Gavin Upson has the experience and skills to make the perfect surfboard to get you ripping in the saltwater. From the micro-grom to the weekend warrior to the best surfers in the world, there's a 1DA shape for you. Gav has been involved with the designing and shaping of boards for CT surfers for over 12 years, including Sally Fitzgibbons & Adriano De Souza. He has shaped or designed the shapes for winning boards in almost every WCT and WQS events over the years, and now feels that it is time to take his experience to his own label, 1 DA Shapes. Check out the range of 1-DA Surfboards below.
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