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ACSOD Surfboards

ACSOD Surfboards or Alex Crews Shapes is one of the younger surfboard brands making their mark in the industry. From day dot ACSOD has strived to achieve performance, quality and of course, style. As a relatively new shaper on the scene Alex Crews brings a fresh approach to shaping everything from high performance boards to fun retro shapes like the popular Two Fangs
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Jereme Aubertin, Eli Steele, Sean Kettle, Toby Mossop, Hinata Aizawa.

With performance boards like the Axe, Ghost and the Splinta combined with some fun retro inspired boards like the Fox and Two Fangs the ACSOD surfboard range is definitely diverse. Throw in some all-rounders with a little extra volume like the Meat Lovers and the Sex Drive and you can just about build your quiver with ACSOD boards alone! This highlights the ideals of Alex Crews Shapes to bring a design and template to any surfer regardless of whether they are advanced, intermediate or a beginner looking to raise the bar. Drawing inspiration from everything from design, photography and music, ACSOD Surfboards provide a creative and performance based surfboard range that has a little something for everyone and gets you really thinking and surfing out of the box.

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