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Adelio Wetsuits

Adelio Wetsuits is a creative collective that is about embracing a lifestyle and ethos of art, music, surfing and culture. Founded on the New South Wales Central Coast, the Adelio brand is inspired both globally while still maintaining its central coastline roots. Tried and tested by team riders such as Chippa Wilson, Robbie Rickard and Coby Perkovich in below freezing temperatures so you know you have a good quality product. Popular suits for the Aussie climate include the Connor 2/2 Short Arm with ground breaking zipperless tech and the Chippa 3/2 Steamer for the colder winter swells.

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Adelio Wetsuits

The name Adelio is derived from the Spanish word meaning noble. The notion of nobility is reflected through the story and ethos within the Adelio brand and their relentless pursuit of the Noble Quest. In relation to Adelio the Noble Quest is the urge to discover and immerse yourself in hidden gems of solitude, allowing your adventurous spirits to take charge for a rare moment of bliss.