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BLACKROLL, best known for their foam rollers, consider themselves a Healthstyle Company, providing products that are simple to use in any scenario.

BLACKROLL products are used by professionals and therapists worldwide to relax your muscles before, during and after a long session. This results in less discomfort and pain during and after the surf and leads to better posture, a better night's sleep and the ability to get back out there and hit the line up again. For more info on the benefits of BLACKROLL on surfing, see the video below.

Browse the collection of popular BLACKROLL products below like the must-have Standard Foam Roller, the softer MED Foam Roller and the compact Mini Foam Roller which is ideal for travelling. The Fascia Massage Gun is a lightweight massage gun that aids in activation, recovery and relaxation through vibration across 4 different speeds.


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BLACKROLL recognises that the world is fast changing and sees this as an opportunity. A opportunity to make better future judgments and motivate one another.

They place a high importance on fair and long-term collaboration with their partners and products. To achieve a long-term balance between people and the environment, BLACKROLL is committed to responsible production.

What is Fascia?

The fascia, also known as connective tissue, performs a critical role in the human body that was just recently identified. Everyone, from your 80-year-old grandmother to today's best surfers, cares about the health of their fascia. Fascia training enhances the effectiveness of any type of performance training or rehabilitation activity, according to modern science. On the other hand, if training or rehab exercises are done despite a weak or diseased fascia, the results might be detrimental, leading to damage from overuse.