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Boomerangz Thongs offer revolutionary thongs (or flip flops, sandals, jandals) that are designed to prevent 'blow outs'. Traditional thongs are prone to blow outs and these always seem to occur at the most inconvenient times. Boomerangz use innovative Boomerang-shaped plugs are made to fold over and pull through instead of snapping off and can be easily replaced if they ever break (or your dog eats them).

In addition to the innovative plug design, the Boomerangz Thongs include arch support and a natural rubber base. Swap the straps to mix and match and customise your thongs.

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Boomerangz Footwear

Boomerangz is a proudly 100% Australian owned brand. Their innovative footwear: thongs or flip-flops are designed to prevent ‘blowouts’ by incorporating a unique ‘V’ or ‘Boomerang’ shape for its straps/plugs. This unique design resulted in straps/plugs that fold over and pull through instead of snapping off. In the unfortunate case of the straps breaking, straps can also be replaced or interchanged. You can also create a unique look by interchanging bases and straps.

Value for money and designed to last, Boomerangz offers ‘lifetime strap warranty.’ Straps are replaced for free, no receipts required. These thongs do not only look good but are also safe for the environment. They use natural rubber and Bmz Bio-Foam™ with an organic additive that fast tracks the bio-degradation process when disposed of in a biologically active landfill.

Your feet will also thank you, as Boomerangz come with foot-arch support and a non-slip sole for optimum comfort and grip.

Location: Gold Coast, Australia