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Buell Surf

Buell Surf by California native Ryan Buell is a world class manufacturer of high performance, innovative wetsuits and surfing apparel which the company says are created to 'make surfing fun again.' Credited for inventing some of the popular features we see in today's best wetsuits, Ryan set forth to create a limited number of specialised wetsuits to select surfers. After his initial success, big name brands such as Reef and Oakley quickly took notice and asked him to collaborate on special projects for some of the world's best surfers.

Buell wetsuits use 'Ninja Neoprene,' a lightweight, extremely flexible, and soft neoprene material. These wetsuits also come with sizzle seams which are triple glued and blind stitched to keep the suit water tight without sacrificing flexibility. Buell's wetsuits are also designed to stand out from the crowd with their loud colours and eye-catching designs.

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