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Clayton Surfboards

Clayton Surfboards is a South African surfboard brand that pushes the boundaries of innovation and template design. The brainchild of shaper Clayton who began shaping in 1994. Clayton worked as an apprentice at Safari Surfboards and worked on every aspect from shaping the boards all the way through to spraying them. Further tutoring from Baron Stander helped hone his shaping skills. After surfing competitively for several years, Clayton put his shaping experience and surf knowledge together to produce some of South Africa's most innovative designs and templates.

Located in Durban, South Africa, Clayton Surf boasts a wealth of experience with the perfect mix of designers, sprayers, and shapers with decades of surf experience between them. Clayton's team riders including Ricky Basnett, Beyrick de Vries and Brandon Jackson further take South African surfing to the next level. The Clayton team provide constant feedback to help refine the Clayton surfboard collection.

Being based in Durban, Clayton Surfboards has access to some of the best testing conditions in the world with local spots such as New Pier, Cave Rock, North Beach, Dairy Beach and Baggies providing plenty of consistent waves in a variety of point, reef and beach breaks, ensuring there boards stand up in all conditions. With a large range of board models for everyone from performance to fish boards. Popular models include The Project, The Dredger, The Trickster and the easy surfing Clayton Egg.
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