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Clearwater Surfboards

Steve Del Rosso took over the CW Surfboards label in 1996 and has grown the brand from strength to strength with his experience and knowledge of shaping a large selection of surfboards from fine-tuned performance longboards to your go-to shortboard like the ClearWater Monkey Chop. It’s Steve’s knowledge across a range of watercraft from the cruisy CW Malibu to the easy surfing performance ClearWater Voltron. This diverse range of boards keeps customers coming back, again and again, to customise and buy ClearWater Surfboards.

CW Surfboards offer an open-minded approach to surfboard design and manufacturing, producing a diverse range of boards crafted specifically for the individual surfer. Steve also caters for the Beginner Surfers with the ClearWater Fun Shape and the Whalebone which are both Australian made Beginner Surfboards perfect for learning.

Early on, Steve Del Rosso learned under master craftsmen like Bert Burger, Col Ladhams, Mick Manolas, Mick Button and Lufi. Steve is originally from Western Australia but continues to shape boards for surfers around Australia and the world, working with his team riders to continually fine-tune his craft for a range of wave types and surfers of all levels. Steve also has an operation on the Gold Coast, Australia and is quickly becoming known for his diverse range of craft, all fully manufactured in house.
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