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Db Bags

Db has raised the bar with regards to surfboard bags, surf luggage and backpacks. The Db Surf collection of surfing luggage includes the Shelter Board Bag and Bunker 3-4 Board Bag. Both surfboard bags are adjustable, compressible, and include the patented Rib Cage technology giving you the best protection for your boards without sacrificing weight. Db surfboard bags are made from GRS certified purely recycled fabrics and they can be easily compressed and stowed away when not in use.

The range of Db backpacks are highly versatile and lightweight. The Backpack Pro 26L includes multiple pockets to keep your gear organised including a dedicated padded laptop pocket for quick access. Many of the backpacks include the Db Hook-up System which gives them the ability to easily attach to other Db backs to simplify transporting.

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Db is an innovative designer and manufacturer of premium quality bags for snow, photography, bike, and surf equipment. The company started in 2012 with the introduction of β€˜The Douchebag,’ a lightweight, length adjustable, wheeled ski and snowboard bag. Db has since moved into creating highly specialised bags, baggage, backpacks, and protective casings for popular activities such as surfing.

Db Surf is a series of surfing luggage offering innovative materials and design to offer maximum protection.

Db Surf bags are made from GRS certified purely recycled fabrics and the Patented Rib Cage technology reduces the weight.