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Firewire Surfboards

Since their launch in the early 2000's Firewire has been elevating the sport for surfers around the globe. Pioneering the the use of new materials and advanced construction methods that not only increase performance but are better for the planet. Firewire's close consideration of their impact on the environment raises the bar for other surfboard companies as they set an example for the kind of change that is well needed within the industry.

Popular models such as the Machado Seaside and Go Fish will have you covered on smaller days, whilst models such as the Sci-Fi 2.0 by Slater Designs and the FRK by Mannkine will offer the opportunity to harness performance at your highest level.

For more info on the brand's team and constructions hit the profile link below.
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BRAND / Firewire Surfboards PROFILE
Today Firewire is made up of a core team of shapers and surfers such as Kelly Slater Slater Designs, Rob Machado, Daniel Thomson TOMO, Dan Mann Mannkine, Wade Tokoro and professional longboarders CJ Nelson, Harley Ingleby and Taylor Jenson who all have their performance Longboard range..

Other elite surfers you will find Firewire models under the feet of include Michel Bourez, Eric Geiselman, Stuey Kennedy, Timmy Reyes, Finn Mcgill, Pacha Light, Shane Dorian and upcoming surfing prodigies Jackson Dorian, Sierra Kerr, Brodi Sale and Kai Martin.

Firewire currently release their models in a range of high tech constructions that favour performance with the environment in mind. These constructions include;

Helium - The lightest of constructions utilising just 0.8 pound blank and rails made from both Paulownia and Balsa wood all wrapped in a high density Aerospace Composite Deckskin. Awarded as a Level One Eco Board.

LFT - Linear Flex Technology - Incorporating Firewire's "Springer HD" aerospace composite stringer, a 1.5 lb EPS Core and 1mm Ultralight High Compression Deckskin. Awarded as a Level One Eco Board.

Timbertek - Combining a 1.0 lb EPS Core wrapped in a 3mm sustainably grown Paulownia wood deck skin. This mostly wooden assembly of this construction has earnt it a Gold Level Eco Board certification.

Thunderbolt Technologies is a series of constructions available for some of the Longboard designs Firewire offer. There is "Silver, Red and Black level" variations that have slightly different finishes including normal Fibreglass lamination and full Carbon Fibre wraps. At the core of these different levels is the same Multi-Component Flex Control System that takes progressive longboarding to all new heights.