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Gary McNeill Concepts

Gary McNeill Concepts is a brand that is synonymous with high-performance, left of centre surfboards and backed up with renowned free-surfing legend, Dave Rastovich. Rasta's environmental philosophy of life has influenced Gary to create constructions for his surfboards such as Flax Cloth that are made to last. With Ideologies like this it's easy to see why Garys boards are some of our most popular on Boardcave, in particular Rasta's signature model the Rasta Torus Twin. Check out the range of Gary McNeill Surfboards below. For team riders and more info hit the profile button below.
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BRAND / Gary McNeill Concepts PROFILE
Gary McNeill Surfboards team riders & Ambassadors:
Dave Rastovich

Gary McNeill Concepts is a brand that is synonymous with high-performance, left of centre surfboards and backed up with the renowned free-surfing, team rider, Dave Rastovich. Gary has been working on Dave Rasta's surfboards over the years, helping him refine his innovative design concepts for performance and usability. Head shaper Gary McNeill began shaping at 16 years of age and has plenty of experience as both a shaper and surfer in his own right. With over 40 years surfing, Gary has the added bonus of trusting his own experience and knowledge of the way a board feels under his own feet when crafting a new board. The ability to think outside the box combined with a long-standing relationship with Rasta, one of the most well-known experimental surfers, ensures that all Gary McNeill Surfboards have a very real point of difference.

The pursuit by Gary McNeill Concepts to find the newest inventive and experimental designs never involves sacrificing the highest level of performance. McNeill Surfboards are well-built, finely crafted with plenty of strength to ensure they stand the test of time. This combined with some pretty unique artwork from artist Jonathan Quinton ensure you will have a board that stands out from the crowd while continuing to perform at extremely high levels. The resulting high-performance hybrid designs have the best of wider point, forward fish-like designs blended with modern rails and foils. This can be seen in the modern performance fish style Entity and Captain Kirk models. With plenty of positive flex, creative bottom contours and often uncommon fin clustering produces a number of innovative templates in twins, quads and box plus two configurations.

With qualities like: speed, energy, control, lift, liveliness and plain old good fun, you can see why Gary McNeill is currently producing some of the finest surfboards in his career with plenty of people paying attention. A wide range of designs that appeal to a wide range of surfers of all skill levels ensures there is a Gary McNeill Concepts Surfboard for everyone including the popular twin fin design Rasta Torus Twin and the Quad Fish CV2.

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