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Ghost Racks

Check out Ghost Racks for all your surfboard display and storage needs. Ghost Racks is a revolutionary, transparent racking system that showcases surf, skate and snow boards without interfering with their display. When you have a prized possession, it deserves to be displayed in its best light, with minimum interference to truly showcase the design. Ghost Racks surfboard racks are virtually invisible and will enhance your board's beauty when exhibited either wall mounted in any configuration, corner mounted, ceiling mounted or free standing. Your surfboard can be easily accessed for the ride of your life, time and time again.

Ghost Racks have used innovative Australian design methods, premium technological fabrication and durable materials that are fully recyclable. They’ve conjured up multiple models of Ghost Racks to support all sizes and shapes of surfboards, from early balsa malibus to sleek 60s single fins, 70s retro twin fins to modern-day high-performance thrusters and quads.

There is no board that Ghost Racks can't display. For custom options, speak with one of our experts via live chat.


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Ghost Racks

Known for their innovative and simplistic surfboard racks and display mounts, Ghost Racks extends the limits on how you can show off your surfboards. Anything is possible using the unique surfboard mounting technology, from wall or ceiling, angled or flush, horizontal or vertical, or even the new corner mount. All racks remove the distraction from the ugly hooks and stands of traditional mounts, and offer the perception that the board is floating.

There’s no board you can’t assign a Ghost Rack to, with custom options of all racks also available to suit boards that sit outside the usual realms of existence.

What you don't see is what you get.