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LEUS Towels

LEUS focuses on making high quality, super absorbent towels and ponchos that ooze style. Their ECO range is constructed from materials made of recycled plastic, while their cotton is 100% sustainably sourced. With Conner Coffin being one of the founding members of the brand, Carissa Moore as an ambassador and the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch choosing LEUS as their surf towel of choice, it's no wonder LEUS has become an essential for surfers around the world. Whether you're getting dry after a morning surf, training in the gym or packing your trusty warm companion for a surf trip, LEUS has you covered, dry and cosy.

LEUS and their incredible focus on producing the world's best towels has flagged them as true towel geeks that are driven to keep raising the bar in producing premium eco friendly products that not only last but will keep the vibes strong with their diverse range of design focused products. Check out their wide variety of surf towels and ponchos below, including the limited edition designs and collaborations with a range of leading athletes and brands, such as the Conner Coffin Eco Poncho and the popular Baja Norte Eco Poncho with matching Baja Norte Beach Eco Towel.

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LEUS Towels

Headquarters: Carlsbad, California

LEUS Towels is a leader in the towel industry and their dedicated focus on continuous improvement speaks to the quality and selection of towels and ponchos they offer. Their incredible range of unique towels are designed by their collective of photographers, designers, musicians and athletes.

LEUS prides themselves on being towel geeks and it's what they live for. Check out their range of surf towels, beach towels, towel ponchos and more in our Towels collection.