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Noosa Longboards

Noosa Longboards are shaped by Master shapers Tom Wegener who was voted 'World Shaper of the Year' in 2009, and the experienced Dave Boyd the wizard behind many of their world renowned longboard models like the popular Tea Tree Longboard. Tom Wegener Surfboards are well known around the world from his unique approach to innovative design using a range of materials (Wood, PU, EPS) with traditional surfing influences. Noosa Longboards have a broad range of craft from retro inspired Single Fins to their popular longboard models like the Little Cove and National Park. Tom works across all materials with a love of wood, crafting custom hollow surfboards and Alaias from paulownia. Noosa Longboards are all 100% handcrafted by Tom Wegener and Dave Boyd, making each one unique and shaped specifically for your surfing style and ability. Customise and order your one of a kind surfboard below. Check out the range of Noosa Longboards models below. For team riders and more info hit the profile button below.
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