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Notox Surfboards

NOTOX is the brand behind the worlds most eco-friendly surfboards. At the NOTOX Surfboard factory, recycled expanded polystyrene replaces the use of wasteful and non-recyclable polyurethane foam. Oeko-Tex flax fabrics are used instead of artificial, irritating fibreglass. Bio-sourced epoxy resins replace polyester-based variants, and safer cleaners supersede the use of highly air polluting and harmful acetone. Achieving the highest sustainable surfboard rating ECOBOARD GOLD LEVEL, the NOTOX process only produces one kilogram of waste during production.

Over a decade ago, Sicomin and Notox began to address the untapped potential of bio-resins in the manufacturing of sports equipment. The result was a formula that offers as little environmental impact as possible and supports greener production methods. Sicomin’s GreenPoxy® 56 is now used to manufacture the entire range of NOTOX greenOne® shortboard, longboard, and the Korko board. The product contains over 51% carbon content which is sourced from plant and vegetable matter.

With over 10 years of research, development and experience, NOTOX Surfboards have created a surfboard construction thats not only as environmentally friendly as possible but also more durable and more high performance than regular constructions. NOTOX Surfboards embody the kind of simple change that can make a big difference for our environment. Browse the selection of NOTOX Surfboards below and feel great about your next set up.

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