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OZoola Beachlife

Beach is a way of life and for the founders of OZoola Beachlife, they strive to improve this way of life for everyone through their innovative beach life products. Products include portable sun shelters, known as the Beach Tent, premium Beach Towels made from 100% Turkish Cotton, large family-sized beach blankets and surf ponchos.

The popular OZoola Beach Tent is a lightweight sun shade that is easily transportable so it can be a staple in beach set up to maximise your time on the sand without getting too scorched. The innovative beach tents come in a variety of styles and sizes making it ideal for couples to large families and these portable shades will also work well in parks, backyards and anywhere you're looking for shelter.

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OZoola Beachlife

One of the main benefits between the OZoola beach tents and typical "camping" type tents is that they offer unobstructed views of the beautiful ocean and the offer fantastic airflow due to the elevated design.

The range of OZoola of beach shelters are ideal for families with children and couples as well as being great for use in parks, backyards during barbecues and anywhere else you need shade from the sun.

See more on how to set up an OZoola Beach Tent in the video below: