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Pyzel Surfboards

Pyzel Surfboards is the creation of Jon Pyzel, a shaper who used his wave rich surroundings of the Hawaiian the North Shore to test and shape a brand that has become one of the most revered in performance surfing. Where you have high caliber waves you'll find high caliber surfers and in this case multiple world champion, John John Florence. Pyzel and Florence have been working together since day one of John's surfing career. He's proved to be Pyzel's perfect prodigy to evolve, progress and test new designs and shapes. In recent years Pyzel Surfboards has been leading the way with designs like John John's favourite, the Pyzel Ghost which has become a heavy favourite with John and the average surfer. Pyzel has a world class team of professional surfers who dominate all conditions from small waves to those worthy of big wave records.

The latest Pyzel models added to the range are the Pyzel Phantom, Pyzel Gremlin, Pyzel Tank and Pyzel Shadow.

Check out the full range of Pyzel Surfboards below or for more info and imagery hit the profile button below.
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BRAND / Pyzel Surfboards PROFILE

Pyzel Surfboards

Pyzel Surfboards team riders & Ambassadors: John John Florence, Jack Freestone, Mark Healy, Koa Rothman, Nathan Florence, Mahina Maeda

Pyzel Surfboards is the creation of Jon Pyzel. Jon lives and surfs in Hawaii, where Pyzel Surfboards started on the North Shore. Jon has been surrounded by some of the world's best surfers, shapers and waves that have helped him refine his craft over many years. Working closely with John John Florence and his team of world class surfers to develop and refine his surfboard shapes for all wave types and surfers. Pyzel has worked closely with John John Florence since he was a grom allowing him to refine his performance shapes in some of the world's best waves.

Pyzel Surfboards also have a selection retro inspired shapes such as the Astro Glider and the Happy Twin. As well as everyday performers such as The Slab and PyzAlien will keep you ripping in small or full conditions.