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Raido Surf

Based on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, Raido Surf has become known for their large collection of fins and surf accessories. Born out of a desire to design and manufacture high quality surfing accessories, founders Jim and Heather are driven to offer quality gear to optimise performance and safety.

The Raido team and founders are all involved in the quality control and rigorous testing of all new surf hardware, ensuring that Raido products meet the demands of all levels of surfing.

Browse the collection of Raido surfboard fins including single fins, twin fins, quad rears and the range of surf leashes and traction pads.

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Raido Surf

Location: Alexandra Headland, QLD, Australia

When surfing in remote spots across Australia, it became clear how important it was to have high-quality, dependable gear to maximise performance and safety.

When Raido founders, Jim and Heather returned to their home break, they were determined to launch a business that would specialise in the design and manufacture of high-quality surf equipment.

Raido Surf was born and has continued to grow and offer an extensive collection of surf accessories including longboard fins, twin fins, thruster fins, quad fins, side bites, leashes, traction and more.