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Sculpt Surfboards

Sculpt Surfboards is the brain child of head surfer/shaper Nick Miles, growing out of the Northern Beaches in Sydney Sculpt and their new outlook on surfboard shapes and modern performance construction. After working for some of the world's leading surf craft companies, Nick saw an opportunity to launch his own label, combined with his experience in developing and testing new technology in surfboard design and construction. The result is a unique collection of surf craft with progressive flex patterns like their patented X Core Technology. Sculpt Surfboards are building on and challenging traditional surfboard construction through design and development. The Sculpt Surfboard range includes popular all rounders like the Shorty and Trunk Junk, alongside modern hybrids like the Cheeseburger with its hoof tail channel setup for natural speed and the Two Step, designed for progressive surfing in 1-4ft surf. Check out the range of Sculpt Surfboards below to find your next sled today.
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