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Slyde Handboards

It all began with the desire to share the joy of handboarding with people of all ages around the world, from the first experience as a grom in the endless hours in the surf to the retirees who will never give up that active lifestyle in the ocean. Slyde Handboards is an innovative design-driven brand that is only focused on the sport of handboarding and they continue to push the boundaries to ensure everyone can get stoked body surfing waves.

The range of Slyde Handboards includes the soft top Grom handboards for the starters, the Wedge Handboard for the beginners, the intermediate Phish Handboard and the Bula Handboards for those advanced body surfers in the steep fast shore breaks.


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BRAND / Slyde Handboards PROFILE

Slyde Handboards

Few companies can claim to have started on a fast food tray, but those trays meant so much more to a 14-year-old spending the day at the beach. Growing up, founders Steve & Russell would pass the sweltering summer days in South Africa by usually getting into mischief and inventing various "wave-riding" contraptions, ranging from fast food trays to the reliable flip-flop. The passion for bodysurfing continued and years later Slyde was formed.

For more info on the background, see how it all began at the video below:

And for some inspo, check out the Slyde Handboards Team in the wave pool at URBN Surf, below