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Softech Surfboards

Looking to get into surfing or try new things on a board that's a little more forgiving? Check out the Softech Surfboards range of soft top surfboards to really get ripping this Summer! The range of Tom Carroll, Eric Geiselman and Kyuss King pro models with on point colours and designs will help you get the most fun out of average surf. These boards give you something your standard shorty or hybrid won't. Add one of these soft top surfboards to your quiver and never miss out on a fun day of waves again!

All Softech boards are equipped with FCS II fin plugs for extra performance. Now you can ride your favourite set of FCS II fins in any Softech model. Popular models include the speedy Softech Bomber and the Softech Eric Geiselman Flash

Check out the range of Softech Surfboards below. For team riders and more info hit the profile button below.
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