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Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards

Hailing from the Northern Beaches of Sydney Joel Fitzgerald spent his youth in and out of the Hot Buttered Surfboards factory where the shaping bays were run by his father and iconic surfing legend Terry Fitzgerald. After a 20 year professional surfing career travelling the world, Joel uses his passed down knowledge to design and create his own unique shapes which are widely regarded among surfing legends such as Ozzy Wright. Joel Fitzgerald Surfboards are full of soul and are crafted each from scratch. Paying homage to the traditional ways of shaping, Joels boards may take a little bit longer to produce but the wait is definitely worth it!

Popular models include the Sea Gypsy, the Space Hawk and Dream Catcher.
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  1. Joel Fitzgerald
Skill Level
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Wave Height
Space Hawk
Joel Fitzgerald

The Space Hawk Twin Fin has arrived. Joel Fitzgerald worked with surfer/artist Ozzie Wright to create this outrageously fun twin fin surfboard.

The Space Hawk has a little extra foam through the nose to pick up waves fast and is designed with a pulled in swallow tail and wing, to give you control while carving in and around the face of the wave at high-speed.

This versatile, all-around, retro surfboard for the everyday surfer can't wait to slaughter small waves all summer long.

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Joel Fitzgerald


The Tomahawk mid length surfboard is for the braves and squaws of the sea! 'You always need a Tomahawk in your quiver, because you never know when you're going to need it.' Tested in Australia, Hawaii and Indonesia. The Tomahawk is the ultimate Wing Swallow Twin Fin or Quad designed to steer you through every section on every wave at very high speeds. The retro surfboard is best for 4-6 ft days, beach breaks, reefs and points

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Sea Gypsy
Joel Fitzgerald

The Sea Gypsy is a single fin surfboard with a 2 + 1 fin option and a high-speed single to double concave bottom. These mid length surfboards are widely regarded by surfers such as Dave Rastovich as one of the fastest boards on the market. Developed and tested in Australia, Hawaii and Indonesia this board is incredibly versatile with a wide nose for easy paddling and a pulled in pin tail that allows it to sit tight in hollow pockets. With its extra width and volume also makes it a good choice for people looking for small wave surfboards. It is designed for having fun. The Sea Gypsy is perfect for new riders looking to step up or for big guy surfers. It can also be a great addition to intermediate and stylish surfers drawing retro lines and hunting tubes.

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Joel Fitzgerald

The ‘Dreamcatcher’ is a fish style board to ride in smaller or larger surf depending on your surfing ability. The twin fin surfboard will carry you across flat sections and give you increased agility and speed for turns and barrels. This board also comes with lots of volume for its size making it a great big guy surfboard. Designed as a swallow or double-flyer-swallow tail, with a quad or a keel, fin set-up. See more

Midnight Lightning
Joel Fitzgerald

The Midnight Lightning is a fast barrel hunter, clean line creator, and classic single fin gun. It is known to be very reliable in chunky conditions as well as clean surf and designed for big waves. See more

66 Hull
Joel Fitzgerald

The 66 Hull is perfect for anyone that wants to go out and have fun. Designed for speed, thrills, and spills.

The entry is quite flat to carry your weight forward and increase your paddle power. The low rails and a classic vee on this board are perfect for that gliding feeling on the wave. The 66 Hull also contains a high-speed concave out of the tail.

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Cosmic Twin
Joel Fitzgerald

The Cosmic Twin is the newest progressive twin fin board suitable for a range of conditions. It's perfect for a nice retro feel when you want to surf in the pocket on the smaller days, and when it picks up.

It features flat to double concaves for increased speed and added volume for a larger wave count in smaller surf, whilst still having enough to handle the bigger swell. The Cosmic Twin will have you gliding through sections with ease. See more

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