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Thomas Surfboards

Thomas Surfboards is the brain child of shaper Thomas Bexon and glasser Jake 'Cut Lap' Bowrey. Thomas Surfboards are known for their attention to detail and exceptional style. Not surprisingly, Thomas has one of the most famous and best log testing environments at the iconic Noosa point. Thomas shapes boards for the world's best longboarders, who just so happen to be his long time friends. The exceptional surfing by Harrison Roach, Matt Cuddihy, Zye Norris and other team riders have taken the Thomas brand to the top of the game in recent years, mostly recognised for his longboard and mid length models. Not only are these boards amazing surf craft, they are works of art.

Steering clear of the norm, Thomas and Jake continue to perfect their skills in the shaping bay and create truly unique boards for a diverse range of surfers. Popular models like the Thomas Step Deck will have you nose riding like you never thought possible! Check out the range of Thomas Surfboards below. Please note, Hand-shaped boards take longer to complete.
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BRAND / Thomas Surfboards PROFILE

Thomas Surfboards

Introduced to surfing by his uncle, Thomas Bexon grew up surfing waves up and down the east coast of Australia. Thomas Surfboards is all about keeping things interesting and drawing inspiration from means other than the surfing industry.

After owning a couple of second hand mini mals as his first boards, Thomas began to give shaping his own boards a crack in his Mum's garage. After pairing with close mate and now business partner Jake Bowrey, they rented out a small shed and maxed their 6 grand credit card to get the ball rolling. The rest is history...