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Xcel Wetsuits

Established in 1982 by Ed D’Ascoli, Xcel began in the bedroom of his Sunset Beach residence, inspired by the elite performances at his doorstep. Focused on high-performance products, Xcel swiftly became a symbol of innovation. Drawing from D’Ascoli's surfing experience along New Jersey’s chilly Atlantic coasts, the brand naturally expanded to craft wetsuits in Hawaii, meeting the challenges of Sunset Beach's demanding conditions.

With his experience with Victory Wetsuits (Japan), D’Ascoli laid the groundwork for Xcel, aspiring to revolutionize the industry. After surf success, Xcel diversified into surf, dive, UV protection, paddle, and wake, garnering a diverse audience. The brand's 1990 move to Haleiwa and a California warehouse exemplify its growth. Xcel's exceptional product quality stems from unwavering commitment to research, development, and design innovation. Offering products for various climates and demographics, the brand prioritises performance with maximum stretch, durability, sealed-seam construction, and a custom fit, maintaining a legacy of excellence in wetsuit design.

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