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Shapers Fins

Shapers Fins have grown to become one of the go to fin choices for surfers in Australia. Shapers Surfboard Fins are manufactured from high quality materials at affordable prices to bring out the best performance of your surfboard. Shapers Surfing Fins have been designed with the industries leading shapers to ensure every fin template is designed to compliment the surfboard shapes performance. Shapers include the legendary Al Byrns, Jason Rodd from JR Surfboards, Steve Del Rosso from CW Surfboards, Al Merrick and Dick Van Straalen. Shapers also have a leading selection of athletes who ride and test their fins, including Shaun Cansdell, Matt Banting, Asher Pacey, Louis Gervais, Dane Pioli, Dan Corbett, Jackson Coffey and many more.

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