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NSW Surf Schools

NSW Surf Schools have some of the best surf instructors in the country working for them. From beginners to advanced surfers, you can continue to progress your surfing with advice on technique as well as which Custom Surfboards are best suited to your needs and skill level. While the Queenslanders would like you to believe they have the best beaches, New South Wales Surf Schools operate right in some of the best surf in the country. From Northern New South Wales and the Byron Bay Surf Schools all the way to Sydney Surf Schools, you can learn to surf pretty much all along the coastline.

With surf brands like Haydenshapes in Sydney becoming known around the world, Surf Schools in NSW have access to great surf hardware to teach you how to better master the waves. With beginner surfboards used to teach beginners and more performance boards used for intermediate and advanced surfers, you can be sure the you will improve with surfing lessons.

Make sure if you're in Sydney you also check out some of our more local NSW Surf School Locations below:

// Manly Surf Schools
// Bondi Beach Surf Schools
// Cronulla Surf Schools
// Tweed Coast Surf Schools

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