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Emery Surfboards

Emery Surfboards team riders & Ambassadors:
Adam Melling, Hiro Arai, Steph Single

With professional surfers that include Adam Melling there is no doubt their athlete feedback and performance refinement helps adds to the magic in every Emery surfboard. With a great selection of boards that perform in small to medium sized waves like the Emery Stump Diamond, Emery Shoe and the high performance Emery Arrow.

The Emery team surf waves around the world, helping Alan refine their shapes for all wave types. Other up and coming surfers include Nic Doran, Hiro Arai and Steph Single, all of which are helping Emery refine their models like the Emery Pro Ho and the Emery Mini to produce surfboards that perform for all surfers, in all conditions. Alan Emery grew up surfing the world class waves of northern NSW, in particular the peeling Lennox Point break.

Emery Surfboards is now based, not far away in Byron Bay where they manufacture and test their boards. If you're looking to take your surfing to the next level, browse through the Emery Surfboard Collection below to find an Emery model for your surfing needs.

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Emery factory/showroom 5/9 Tasman Way | Byron Bay | 2481 | NSW | AU Ph. +61 2 66 855 500 | [email protected] |