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Dylan Surfboards

Dylan Longbottom
Shaping Company: Dylan Surfboards
Location: 136 Terralong St , Kiama, NSW

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Dylan Longbottom is not only one of Australia’s best free surfers, but he has become known for his high performance shapes being ridden and tested by the Dylan Surfboards team. With rippers like Wade Goodall, Laurie Towner, Dean Bowen, Mick Campbell, Tamaroa McComb, Rhys Bombaci and Manoa Drollett all riding Dylan’s shapes it's no wonder Dylan Surfboards is quickly becoming a popular choice for surfers. Not to mention, Dylan rides all his own boards, from his big waves antics to boosting big airs, there is no doubt Dylans shapes are tried and tested by the best of the best in all conditions across the globe.

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