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Top 10 Popular Surfboard Models

What Surfboard Models are the Most Popular?

It's that time again for the Top 10 Popular Surfboard Models for November 2015. Summer is here in Australia with plenty of people checking out popular board models for summer waves as well as a few regular entries!

These are the 10 most clicked, viewed and sold surfboard models on Boardcave from surfers around Australia. At the end of the year we look at the totals and provide a report on the top brands, models and shapers for the year.

November boards

Boardcave had a big month in November hitting huge numbers across the site. Summer is now here with the end of November so it's time to get your surf on! The following boards are the most clicked on boards from November 2015 on Boardcave.

In no particular order...

Lost V3 Rocket

The V3 Rocket by Lost Surfboards is back in the top 10 again in November with a tonne of clicks. With it's signature rocket tail, this board performs well in heaps of conditions and is a consistent favourite among the Boardcave Club.

DHD Twin Fin

The DHD Twin Fin is a fun Summer Board with plenty of hype around it. A new inlay in the mix makes this board a big ticket item for the summer. Request your favourite inlay in the comments to spice up your summer vibes.

SUPERbrand Vapors

The SUPERbrand Vapors model is a hugely popular board in November. The new artwork has been received well with many commenting the Vapors is the pick of the bunch. Grab one for summer now!

Emery Nemesis

The Nemesis by Emery has been a popular recent model by shaper Al Emery. This performance shortboard goes well in a range of conditions and can handle the waves that really turn on. Check out the new artwork in the Emery Range for 2016.

Pyzel Surfboards Pyzalien

Grab this board for some small wave performance surfing. The PyzAlien outline generates heaps of natural speed, floats over sections with the flat deck and full rails and is perfect for the smaller summer days ahead.

Vampirate Inflatable Mattress

The Vampirate Inflatable Mattress is the board for summer. Heaps of speed on average smaller waves with a 5 fin setup to let you experiment.

Misfit Dope Machine

High speed performance surfing, the Dope Machine is built to light up in your everyday average surf. Misfit Shapes are always a popular Australian Summer choice so lock yours in today!

Stacey Surfboards The Roach

When the heat turns up, the Roach comes out. A favourite in the Stacey collection, the Roach is a popular model on Boardcave for November coming into warmer summer months. Make sure it's in your quiver for most days and have it ready when the waves turn on.

Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto

Another entry in the Top 10 for November shows just how popular the Hypto Krypto is. Grab one today and round out that quiver.

Chilli Rare Bird

The Chilli Rare Bird has been a very popular board the last few months in the cave. With a free small spray, this versatile hybrid will ensure you maximise your wave count over summer.

Find your surfboard using the Board Engine that takes into account a variety of details to help find the right surfboard model for you.

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