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Top 10 Popular Surfboard Models

What Surfboard Models are the Most Popular?

Ever wondered what surfboards other people are checking out? We love finding out about new boards and hearing how they go in different local conditions.

Every month we review the 10 most clicked, viewed and sold surfboard models on Boardcave from surfers around Australia. This list of the most popular models gets updated and released every month. At the end of the year we look at the totals and provide a report on the top brands, models and shapers for the year.

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September boards

September was been a huge month for surfboards on Boardcave! With over 100,000 visitors last month, you can tell summer is just around the corner! The following boards are the most clicked on boards from September 2015 on Boardcave.

In no particular order...

Haydenshapes Hypto Krypto

"Believe the hype it is simply a quiver killer, I still like to ride lots of different boards, but this board will always preform true to the shapers statement." - Paul rides a 5'9" x 20 1/8" x 2 7/16"

Lost V3 Rocket

"Board is great! Cassic 5 fin setup. Ride as thruster below 4ft for pivot and as quad 4ft & above for more hold." - Brett rides a 6'4" x 21" x 2 3/4" x 40.95L

DHD Skeleton Key

"Since I have been riding this board it has improved my surfing dramatically! I went back and forth a couple of times with the Boardcave team until we selected the correct board for me. " - Craig rides a 6' 0" x 19 3/8" x 2 7/16" x 29.09L.

Chilli Rare Bird

Gary McNeill Concepts CV2

"My CV2 is nothing short of amazing. The board paddles extremely well allowing you to get into the wave early however the board also takes a late and steep drop very well. The board has incredible speed and is easy to get on rail and perform tight turns." - Dayne rides a 6' 2" x 21 1/4" x 2 3/4" x 38.9L

SUPERbrand Siamese Palm Viper

"The board reacted fast during turns. The tail released well when needed and held in critical conditions under pressure. A really good all rounder..." - Nathan rides a 5' 9" x 19 1/4" x 2 5/16" x 26.6L

JR Surfboards Step Cousin

Stacey Surfboards Neptune's Ride

Misfit Shapes Sinister Kid

"The sinister kid is sick, flys like a rocket and sticks to your feet. Wherever you want it to go it goes. Paddles onto waves like a dream. Get way more waves then most. Perfect for points beach breaks fat waves or bowley sections its my go to board if I just want to catch heaps of waves and have fun." - Matt rides a 5' 10" x 22 0" x 2 11/16" x 41.3L

Pyzel Slab 2.0

"This is a great performance board of excellent quality. I did a lot of research before I picked this board and dimensions and I must say that I am really happy. It simply delivers. A really quick board which can drive even out of white wash to the open face. Great for late takeoffs and slabby beachies." - Aaron rides 6' 2" x 19 3/8" x 2 1/2"

Notable Mentions

We've got thousands of surfboard models on Boardcave, so here are a couple of the models that just missed out this month...

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