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Surfboard Covers

Surfboard covers are an essential piece of equipment when it comes to surf travels. There’s a large range of bags out there so getting the right one can be a tad overwhelming. But with the right kit you’ll be eliminating the stress of avoiding damage in reaching your destination.

A good place to start is a cover the same length as your board. Even if it’s not for long distance travel, day-to-day lightweight surfboard covers or a good surfboard sock such as the FCS Stretch Cover are ideal for putting boards on the roof or in the back of the car, not to mention one-sided reflective coating for keeping the heat away.

Add a few more kilometres to the trip and you’ll need something heavy duty. These will have some decent padding which is the way to go when you're unsure of how your boards will be handled during the flight.

Capacity isn't an issue either. A Double such as FCS Travel 2 or a Quad bag such as the Creatures Quad Wheely with all the extras are perfect for multiple boards. Or if you’re really looking to take your quiver along, a multi tour bag is what you’re after. When it comes to bags the right one practicality pays for itself.