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Meat Lovers


The Meat Lovers is exactly as it sounds...full of meat. Foam is your friend and this board packs a lot into a little package. Designed to be the performance go to for the surfer that needs a little more foam that they used to. Wide point pushed forward 1 inch to help with paddle power, and the ever-reliable single to double concave, combined with a smooth rocker from nose to tail allows this board to feel great under your feet from day one.

Best in your local beach break and any condition from 2 to 6 foot, the Meat Lovers is a must have in your quiver if you are packing a little more meat yourself. High performance with a little extra foam and a reliable design makes this almost a one board quiver for the surfer who needs some extra push.


2-6 ft
Wave Height
4 / 5
Paddle Power
4 / 5
4 / 5

Rocker Info
Moderate smooth rocker
Concave Info
Single to double