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Wetsuit Accessories

Keep your hands, feet and head warm and protected from the elements to stay in the line up longer with our range of Wetsuit Gloves, Boots and Hoods from Vissla and Sisstrevolution. It is proven that the majority of our heat escapes from our extremities so these wetsuit accessories are essential for cold-water conditions. With over 40% heat loss from your head, a wetsuit hood is a must when surfing in cold water.

Surf boots, aka "Booties" are not just used for warmth, but also to keep your feet protected from the sharp reef. The Vissla 2mm Reef Bootie is a perfect companion to your surf trip to maximise your time in the water and prevent injuries.

Having trouble selecting the right wetsuit accessory? Check out one of our many buying guides, such as the Boardcave's Buying Guide to Wetsuit Gloves. You can also shop for our ranges for kids wetsuits and womens wetsuits to help keep the whole family warm on in the cooler months.

Alernatively, our range of Steamers, Spring Suits and Wetsuit Tops will provide options for all your surfing needs. You can check our premium surf accessories collection including surfboard traction pads and surfboard tail pads as well. Are you looking for specific wetsuit accessories that we don't stock? Let us know via Live Chat.

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